Guidance for growing businesses in building & construction: making the tough decisions simpler.

Our business advisors have:

  • Experienced the types of challenges you face;
  • Worked alongside NSW businesses engaged in the industry for decades;
  • Developed a powerful and up-to-date understanding of the market you’re operating in;
  • Developed the skills required to provide the trusted guidance you need to thrive.

How we’ll assist you as a building industry business…

Property structuring, advice and planning

Unwinding a property in the wrong structure is expensive and often not worth the cost.

We focus on structuring the purchase of property with not only your personal circumstances in mind but with a long term and dynamic view to maximise benefits in the long term.

Job cost reporting and analysis

We can help you understand how profitable a job is.

Getting to grips with how the financial performance of your business relates to the individual performance of each job is important.

This includes improving the timing of jobs: for instance, coinciding the end of jobs with when it’s most beneficial from an accounting point of view.

Home Owners Warranty

We can help you get your home owners warranty eligibility levels right by carefully analysing your financial position.

We’ll help you achieve eligibility and then co-ordinate with home owners warranty brokers.

From there, we’ll work on strategies that balance the need to maintain Home Owners Warranty insurance with your need to draw profits from the business.

Legal and commercial issues in dealing with subcontractors

If you need to work with subcontractors on jobs, this can greatly complicate matters both financially and legally.

We can help you get it right so you minimise risks and maximise opportunities.

How we’ll assist you as a small or medium business owner…

As well as the industry-specific services we provide, we can also assist with more general small and medium-sized business advice on:

  • Structuring for asset protection & tax minimisation
  • Financing and refinancing
  • Succession planning
  • Evaluating business drivers
  • Personal wealth creation & structuring
  • Collaborating with other professionals
  • Facilitate strategic thinking to solve problems
  • Business start-up planning and advice
  • Establishing a company or trust

Are you a female business owner in the building and construction industry?

There’s no doubt about it. Most of the business owners we deal with (90 percent plus) are males.

It’s a testosterone-dominated industry and, as a female, you may feel a little outnumbered!

But you can count us on your side to boost your numbers…

We have an increasing number of successful female clients in the industry and we’d love to hear from you if you’re looking for some expert guidance…

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