Accounting, business and investment advice from a team that understands the building and construction industry.

Whether your business is part of (or works in conjunction with) the building and construction industry, or you’re simply looking to grow your wealth through property, you’ll find the understanding and insight you’re looking for with Essentia.

As advisors and accountants for property investors and building and construction business, our services are specially designed for two main types of professionals:

Builders or developers

in commercial or residential construction, professional trades people, and professional consultants in the industry.

Professional property investors or high-net worth individuals

looking to harness a self-managed super fund to grow and protect your wealth.

You may be one or both of the above. The following services are designed for you…

Advice and accounting for building & construction businesses

Business & Strategic Solutions

Plot the future direction of your business with more confidence and clarity, thanks to our vast industry experience…

Accounting & Taxation

Take the pressure off by allowing our building industry experts to simplify your accounting and taxation affairs…

Bookkeeping Solutions

You’re too busy to look after the numbers when somebody else could be doing it. Free up hours of valuable time…

Self-Managed Super Funds

Plan for the retirement you want through property investment in a self-managed super fund with our guidance.

Building and property is too important to leave to all-rounders…

Property is your business – whether building it, supplying it, consulting on it or investing in it.

Mistakes in your business or in your investments are costly. It’s too important to leave to firms that don’t have a solid understanding of your industry.

You can depend on our industry experience and business know-how: not only to dot the “i”s and cross the “t”s in your financial and tax affairs but also to provide insightful guidance and direction for the road ahead.

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