Essentia Partners Profile

However, it is a big part of the character of our firm. We have unabashed enthusiasm for our chosen profession, and we translate this into tremendous benefits to our clients.

The simple truth is that we derive a great deal of professional satisfaction from developing, and implementing, strategies that make significant contributions to our clients’ financial, business and personal success. We have never perceived our role as merely assisting them to count their success; our value is in finding ways to help them to multiply it.

The whole team has the skills to help you
Our clients have a level of access to our partners, Jason Crofts & Amanda Egan and senior staff that is uncommon in larger firms. However, we offer a much greater depth of service than that. We will ensure that you are able to regularly meet with, and communicate with, all the Essentia team involved in your work. This creates a level of comfort and familiarity, and ensures that you will always be able to get prompt answers to most questions no matter who you contact.
In support of this we have ingrained a very structured approach to continual legislative training and financial research. This is a major investment to ensure that our team has the knowledge and skills to deliver the services that you need.

We spend a lot of time getting to know our clients personal views on a wide range of issues. There is often a strong tie between those views and their financial goals, and the manner that best suits them to attain those goals